8 comments on “The Thoughtlessness of Banks
  1. Big fees says:

    This is a direct breach of the equality act, your friend is not obligated to find an alternative, instead natwest/tbs are required by law to make a reasonable adjustment for your him/her. I am pretty certain they will offer their branch services as a reasonable adjustment, the next question will be how reasonable it is I.e. Location, accessibility etc…. Your friend could easily challenge natwest/rbs under the equality act and request sight of the equality assessment undertaken in reaching this policy decision.

  2. I wrote about this here. As a disabled person I am going to mainly find myself without access to my money. My local ATM is not Natwest / RBS and even in the city centre there are huge areas of the city that don’t have ATMs by Natwest and RBS. I can’t always walk far – if I can’t even shop in my local shop, just because of access to my money, I’ll be really stuck.

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  5. Arizona Rent says:

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  8. Froth Ing says:

    I have a NatWest ‘basic’ account for the same reasons as your friend. In addition, I now also have a NatWest ‘basic savings’ account. The current account comes with a card that can be used in shops but not ATMs. The savings account card works in ATMs but not shops. Since money can be instantly transferred between accounts, this isn’t the end of the worl but it is a nuisance.

    When I rang customer service to ascertain which card was for what, the operative told me there are “only” 8,000 Basic accounts with NatWest and this is a transitional stage in phasing them out altogether.

    The fact that we, the 8,000, are those with the least capability to fit in with the edicts of the Big Four’s internal accountants clearly doesn’t matter. Basic accounts were a legal obligation until now, however that is being removed in favour of Paypoint-based accounts (which have never worked properly in my experience), requiring access to a Post Office … and we all know about them.

    I’m glad I found your very thoughtful blog. I’m going to add it to the Frothers’ blogroll on toomanycuts.blogspot.com

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